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Lower Columbia Hop Stops ‘passport’

Hop_Stops_interiorRemember when you are in the Brewery pick up one of our Hop Stops trail maps and when you are out and about visit the 6 other breweries on the trail and earn yourself a cool collectors glass!


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Scarlet Peach Ale

Here it is… Scarlet Peach Ale: the aroma is delish! This beer is perfect for warm summer days, it’s light, crisp, just a tad tart, and a little sassy too!  On tap.

ABV 4.4%  IBU 14

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Cathlamet Corral Longboard Races

The longboard races were a success this year, and RiverMile38 had front row seats!


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Provocative Porter

5-26-15 144This beer has been inspired again by our famous Mermaid – Our local porter has a rich black color and a creamy golden head. Chocolate and coffee malt balanced with a mild hop flavor gives this beer a smooth but dry finish. Very Complex, Malty and Full-bodied

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Hard Over Hefeweizen


A south German style of wheat beer (weissbier) A yeast that produces a unique phenolic flavors Little hop bitterness, and a moderate level of alcohol. The “Hefe” prefix means “with yeast”, hence the beers unfiltered and cloudy appearance – Often served with a lemon wedge (popularized by Americans).